Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Remote viewing, appear pause and delay phenomenon?

A:1) Related to network data, it is recommended to adjust the HD mode to Smooth mode when watching, and the video file is still saved in HD mode.

  • Try to reduce the camera stream when view the video, reducing the stream may affect the quality of the image.
  • Remote viewing, the network recommends uploading network data up to 512KB/S. Download data 256KB/S to watch the best. Upload network data can be viewed in the router background.


Q2: Prompt password error

A: The camera security password is incorrectly entered or forgot the password. Press and hold  the reset button for 5-8 seconds and then reset the camera.


Q3: No audio sound

A:1) Open the camera screen, click on the speaker and set to be monitored.

2) Open the volume setting, click on setting, click on audio settings, then adjustable volume.

3) The camera pickup range is 5-15 meters, depending on the volume of the recognized volume.


Q4: Camera IP address often changes

A:1) Login to web version and go to the camera setting, change the automatic IP address to manual setting.

2) The IP address which automatically obtain will vary depending on the IP assigned by your router's DHCP.


Q5: Is the device not online?

A:1) The router disables MAC address filtering.

2) If it is a dual-band router, it needs to use 2.4GWi-Fi and not support 5GWi-Fi.

3) The preferred server address (DNS) of the router is changed to the telecommunications service provider DNS.

4) Wi-Fi account password only contains numbers and letters, no horizontal characters and other special characters.

5) The router signal channel is changed to 11.


Q6: SD card remote playback download

A:1) Web download: Open the browser and log in, click the SD card and select recording date and time to download.

2) Mobile APP download: Open APP - click the video - click the remote playback - press the video file for 1-3 seconds to pop up a dialog box , click download, you can find the video file in the phone system file (CamHi file).


Q7:Can't identify the memory card?

A:1) Reinsert the SD card into the camera, powered off and restarted camera !

2) SD card is recommend to use SanDisk, Kingston, Samsung, Toshiba, PNY Bianwei, Lexar brand


Q8: Can't the phone search for the camera's own Wi-Fi?

A: Press the camera reset button for 5-8 seconds, make the camera reset factory default.


Q9:Can't the camera connect to Wi-Fi?

A:1) When the camera is configured, the phone and camera are no more than 3 meters away from the router!

2) Router Wi-Fi can't be hidden or MAC address bound, or limited!

3) Wi-Fi account password only contains numbers and letters, no special characters, such as horizontal lines.


Q10: RTSP Path Example

A: rtsp://


Q11: WBE browsing plug-in installation problem

A: Web page online download plug-in component: ActiveX, Or install the plug-in program in the CD!


Q12: Third party software: iSpy Software operation

A: iSpy Add camera selection: Open the software click add object, Select the IP photographer, Click ONVIF to enter the user name and password. URL enter: http:// camera IP address / port 8080. Click on the next page to see the full URL, click add, finish!


Q13: Can't connect to Optical Modem Wi-Fi router?

A: Recommend to use Wireless router, Some Optical Modem with Wi-Fi router has some kind of restriction, Cause the device can’t connect to the wireless signal or no network transmission on the connection.


Q14: Can't play back remotely at phone APP?

A:1) Check that the device if can preview in real time!

2) Click the pinion symbol to enter the setting ---- Click on the SD card, check if can read the SD card.

3) Can preview the real-time picture normally, Can read the information of memory card, but  no playback of files in video playback, recommend to unplug and plug the SD card again.

4) Because the remote playback of the video file is relatively large, Network does not support remote playback of network traffic! Recommend to connect your phone to a faster Wi-Fi, try remote playback.


Q15: Can't search for the camera IP address in the local area network. 

A: Our device default IP address network segment 192.168.1.X, you need to modify your network IP address network segment to the same network segment, then use the search tool on the CD to search for IP addresses.


Q16: How to make the camera automatically cruise after setting the preset point?

A: Preset point 1-16 call command 41, 17-32 Calling Command 42, 65-80 Calling Command 43, 113-128 Calling Command 44, 128-144 Calling Commands 45, 146-160 call command 46, 161-176 Calling Command 47, 177-192 call command 48.


Q17: Mailbox alarm cannot receive pictures

A:1) Motion detection mailbox alarms support most mailboxes such as Google, Yahoo, etc. If you do not receive an email alert, please check if the mailbox settings are set according to the instructions, whether to pass the test.

2) Some alarm messages may be judged as spam by the mailbox, can be found in the mailbox trash or send mail delay due to network server data congestion, etc.


Q18: Can I add a camera to multiple phones?

A: Yes. Manually add the camera UID number to other mobile APP after the camera is connected to the network.


Q19: I can view the image on the same LAN, but the phone can't be viewed remotely outside.

A:1) The camera may be connected to your local area network without connecting to your router's external network, no network access! It is recommended to check if the router has set this camera IP to prohibit network access.

   2) Restore factory settings, reset the router Wi-Fiand reconnect..


Q20: The phone can't access the Internet after the phone is connected to the camera wireless hot-spot.

A: The camera wireless hot-spot is convenient for the device to preview and view the image by mobile APP in a network-free environment and the phone can't access the external network by the wireless hot-spot.